Sintered Metal Fiber Filter

KOREA SLOT Sintered Metal Fiber Filter consists of extremely fine metal fiber ranging from 0.25 to 100 micron-meters. It is a non-woven sintered cloth media. While sintered wire-mesh media provides surface filtration, sintered metal fiber media enables surface and internal filtration. Standard material is SUS316L and special materials (Hastelloy R, Inconel 601, and Fecralloy) are also available to meet customer's specific applications. Characteristics of Sintered Metal Fiber Filter are:

1. Higher air-permeability compared to other media.
2. Lower pressure drop.
3. Higher dirt retention capacity.
4. Longer filter life.
5. Durable under high pressure and temperature.
6. Superior anti corrosive properties.
7. Reusable by surface cleaning.

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